About us

TM «Burgermax»® is a trademark specially registered to provide franchising services in restaurant business. Our experience is the experience of our employees, managers and founders who personally organized and opened over 20 restaurants in Ukraine and Russia.

Открытие ресторана

TM «Burgermax»®

Наши преимущества

Our Advantages

Перспективы развития

Development Prospects

«Burgermax»® trademark was registered after the return of one of our founders from the USA. When he was a student, he worked in America, explored the specifics of fast food business and was captivated by ambitious idea to create a similar company in Ukraine. Business operations and rules here and in the USA are different, and it is not possible to implement any innovations unless you are passionate about what you are doing. That’s why we made a decision to create a fast food restaurant adapted to SME realities in public catering segment. We didn’t have to wait long for our success. The first restaurant is opened on February 8, 2014, in Kiev – the heart of our country. Just after a short while, we can already talk about the success and great potential of a newcomer to public catering market in Ukraine.

TM «Burgermax»® is not created blindly, it is a thought-out enterprise based on enormous experience and expertise. By using latest management methods, we could ensure that every TM «Burgermax»® restaurant offers high quality, tasty and affordable food and constantly provides excellent service. We are sure that due to our experience our outlets will be distinguished by high level of service and high quality of food. Here you will find a wide range of dishes and drinks including low-alcohol beverages, which gives us competitive edge over other fast food restaurants. Cooperation with food products suppliers of famous trademarks and leading Ukrainian producers helps us to guarantee high quality of offered dishes and beverages.

Our goal is to create a global network of fast food restaurants and to make our tasty, hearty food available in all parts of Ukraine. TM «Burgermax»® company chose franchising business model in order to develop the network of fast food restaurants with reliable partners within short term and to satisfy high consumer demand in fast food segment of the market. Mutually beneficial cooperation with potential partners is at the center of company development concept. Only such approach can ensure great financial results and mutual interest in future project participation. Ukrainian market has amazing potential, it is far from being saturated and someone has to take this empty niche. And TM «Burgermax»® will do that!