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Fulfill your potential, obtain unique experience, learn new skills, meet interesting people who will surely become reliable friends. Don’t wait for miracles, make the first step towards them yourself. TM «Burgermax»® offer is an opportunity to make a plan in your life, set ambitious targets and have confidence in the future.

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Are you ambitious, friendly, full of strength and good at communicating with other people? We will be happy to see you join TM «Burgermax»®. Enjoy interesting work, get new experiences, make new friends. You have an ocean of opportunities ahead of you, a possibility to develop with the company and show your managerial skills. Here people will believe in you, you will be the head of your team. Learn to persuade and control, become a leader and apply new skills in all areas of your life! Do not be afraid to aim high, support others, be inspired. Act. Make your dreams a reality with TM «Burgermax»®!

Fast food restaurant team is one big friendly family. We work together, we win together, we enjoy our success together. We do not have time to get bored at «Burgermax»®: you cannot imagine how satisfying it can be to prepare and pack our dishes, wait on our guests and to understand – they will come back as they feel our positive energy and will not settle for anything else. We offer a very good salary and career opportunities to ensure that the job brings only joy. Our compensation program is exactly what you’ve been looking for – it provides ample motivation to work.

You will learn to think out of the box, you will move away from stereotypes and templates. Every day will bring new knowledge, important skills, communication with amazing people. You will be surprised to see the amount of your own potential being realized, and new horizons will become easily reachable. Here you will learn the art of communication. With friends, family, colleagues, clients – you will no longer have the trouble trying to find the right words. Training is conducted in an informal setting, where you are accepted as you are. Work enjoying your life and live enjoying constant personal development!


Our staff of the restaurant

Positive attitude and team spirit in our restaurants are our priority. Reward can find you in many forms – from merit certificates to valuable gifts. But loyalty and effort you put in for the Company will never go unnoticed.
Working with us, every day you will get new information, learn new skills, meet new people. And new ideas and out-of-the-box solutions will not be long in coming too! Our positive attitude and energy – what can be better than that to ensure your victory? Join us!

Current vacancies


— Salary and bonus
— Flexible schedule
— Convenient outlet location
— Official employment
— Opportunities for career advancement
— enthusiastic, responsible young people

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Shift manager

Responsible for smooth restaurant operation, assigns tasks to shift employees. Ensures positive atmosphere for employees and guests during his shift. Controls compliance with technological process of food preparation.

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Food preparation.
Compliance with sanitary and hygienic work standards.
— Cooking experience over 1 year;
— Professional education is an advantage;
— Knowledge of food preparation technology.

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